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  • Saule Boguzaite

Joseph Homes Spring Fete 2024

Yesterday's quarterly Village Fete was an inspiring blend of discussions on wellbeing, AI, architecture, and urban development, topped off with a surprise 'Weakest Link' quiz!

Paul Dipino delivered an eye-opening presentation on the ubiquity of microplastics on Earth and the health and environmental risks they pose.

Another highlight was Sally Lovett's workshop on wellbeing hacks. Among several takeaways, we learned that balancing melatonin and cortisol is key to how we feel every day.

In the afternoon, Matt Bell captivated us with his talk on the movement, challenging us to rethink our environments. His message? Boring buildings deprive us of crucial sensory information, leading to stress and antisocial behaviours. Check out - there's a revolution coming!

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