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Our Live Well® Manifesto guides us at every turn

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We drive the change from the inside out

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We understand the importance of community

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We build developments for healthy living and working

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We believe in a sustainable tomorrow

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Our team are Live Well, they are who bring Live Well to life and make it reality.


We work to positively affect the mental & physical wellbeing of every Joseph Homes employee. We do this by creating a positive workspace: maintaining safe, supportive environments, promoting conversations around mental health, and giving every individual a clear path to progression.

Our team recognise that money is the fuel to achieve our Live Well ambitions, they understand the link of performance and profitability. And we’re a B Corp, which means the whole team is working simultaneously to make profit and have a positive impact on the world around us.   


For us, it’s also about being the team that others want to work for and with, we call this being the employer and partner of choice. Therefore, our team always keep the company’s and each other’s wellbeing in mind.


Having the best in class, highly motivated, and happy team. Building a business the whole industry wants to work for and with.

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Buildings shouldn’t just be places to live and work, buildings should make life better.


We’re committed to exploring new materials, testing new technologies, and considering how our design choices impact wellbeing.


It’s all part of our mission to create beautiful developments that assist our customers to lead better, healthier lives.


Providing a truly memorable experience for our customers and having their wellbeing in mind at all times.

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Our homes aren’t their own entities. They’re part of something much bigger: neighbourhoods, communities and cultures.


We endeavour to create spaces that benefit the local community, by designing buildings which honour the spirit of the area. We commit to responsible, considerate development throughout the build process and beyond.


Having our developments create a sense of pride within the local communities.

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Live Well isn’t only about our mental and physical health. It’s also about the health of the world around us.


We’re committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our developments. This includes using sustainable building materials, minimising waste and improving our developments’ energy efficiency.


Building healthy homes that are energy positive, have great indoor air quality and no embodied carbon.

Building better homes for a better world through our Live Well® Manifesto. It’s the driving force of our company.

Every individual at Joseph Homes team plays a part in bringing it to life through living out our values. Regardless of their department, everyone contributes to the mission through social and environmental goals embedded into their role.


We are Live Well®. 

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